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Learn how to cook with step-by-step guides from the Taste of Home Test Kitchen. Our experts will walk you through the techniques you need to master must-try dishes and desserts.

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    How to Make Hamantaschen, Using Our Simple Recipe

    This triangle-shaped cookie is a staple for Purim.

    How to Make a Vertical Cake Roll

    You've made sheet cakes and cupcakes and layer cakes before. Now it's time to level up and learn how to...

    Cooking Meringue: 2 Techniques for a Toasty Top

    Who doesn't love a dessert finished with golden-brown meringue? Learn two techniques for cooking meringue and getting that bakery-style finish.

    How to Make the Best-Ever Banoffee Pie Recipe

    Need a showstopper dessert that doesn't require baking the day away? This banoffee pie recipe is the answer.

    How To Clean Granite Countertops

    Wondering how to clean granite countertops? You've come to the right place—and these tricks are easier than you think!

    How to Shred Carrots: 4 Different Techniques for Any Recipe

    Thinking of making carrot cake? Before you jump in, learn how to shred carrots. And, no, you don't have to...

    We Made a Frozen Pudding Dessert from 1968 and It’s Still Amazing Today

    Frozen Pudding Dessert is a five-ingredient treat that's easy to make and can be changed up to include your favorite...

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    How to Make the Perfect Lemon Bundt Cake

    When life gives you lemons, make a gorgeous lemon Bundt cake. We'll show you how to make this citrusy cake...

    How to Make Vietnamese Coffee (Cà Phê)

    The magic of the Robusta bean is revealed! Vietnamese coffee, or cà phê, is what you've been missing from your...

    How to Remove Seeds from a Pomegranate

    This doesn't have to be a dreaded kitchen task.

    How to Make Beef Empanadas

    Our Chilean-inspired beef empanada recipe is a great place to start when learning how to make beef...

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    How to Make Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Love cakey cookies? Or crispy ones? How about chewy? We show you how to make the perfect chocolate chip cookies...

    How to Juice Lemons Without Cutting Them

    Apparently, you can simply poke a hole in the top of a lemon and squeeze the lemon juice right out....

    Do You Have to Peel Celery?

    You can peel celery to avoid the tough strings—but you don't have to. It's up to your personal preference.

    How to Store Lemons the Right Way

    Sick of finding dried lemons in the crisper? Find out how to store lemons so you can keep them fresher...

    How to Make Louisiana Chicken Pasta Exactly Like The Cheesecake Factory

    Learn how to replicate The Cheesecake Factory's best-selling Louisiana Chicken Pasta with this step-by-step recipe.

    How to Make Boxty, Ireland’s Famous Potato Pancakes

    Boxty has a delightfully crispy exterior and soft pancake-like center, making them irresistible. Learn how to make them at home.

    How to Zest a Lemon 5 Easy Ways

    Learn how to zest a lemon with or without a zester so you can give your favorite recipes a citrusy...

    How to Make a Custard Square, the Most Popular Dessert in New Zealand

    Learn how to make custard square, a uniquely New Zealand dessert featuring flaky puff pastry and creamy vanilla custard.

    How to Make Smoked Corned Beef

    Want to take dinner to the next level? Inject a ton of sweet and smoky flavor into a brisket with...

    How to Make Puff Pastry from Scratch

    Learning how to make puff pastry (in all of its flaky, layered glory) isn't for the faint of heart—but it...

    How to Bake Irish Brown Bread

    Our traditional Irish brown bread recipe is easy to bake at home. Serve warm, with a pat of Kerrygold butter.

    How to Make Irish Stew in Your Slow Cooker

    Make this hearty Irish dish the easy way: in your Crockpot! We'll teach you how to make a slow-cooker Irish...

    The Best Copycat McDonald’s Shamrock Shake Recipe

    This slurpable Shamrock Shake recipe is easy to make!

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    How to Cook Pasta

    Learn how to cook pasta perfectly for any type of recipe, from when to salt the water to how to...

    How to Make Pad See Ew

    Pad see ew is a popular Thai takeout dish with saucy noodles and fresh vegetables. You'll need to invest in...

    How to Cook Ground Beef Properly

    Ready for a more flavorful addition to your recipes? Learn how to cook ground beef the right way with our...

    How to Make No-Bake Strawberry Delight

    We're in love with this vintage-inspired dessert: a fluffy, pink no-bake Strawberry Delight.

    How to Make Air-Fryer Tater Tots

    A bag of frozen Tater Tots is a great thing to have on hand. For crispy, tasty tots, learn how...

    How to Make Peanut Butter Patties (aka Tagalongs)

    Calling all peanut butter and chocolate lovers! You can make a delicious copycat of your favorite Girl Scout Cookies.